Currently Enlisted

Ted "Chico" S


Rank:  Specialist
Call Sign:  Smoothhound  
Place of Origin:  West Coast
DOB: 3-18-83
Blood Type:  O-Neg
Likes:  San Fransisco Giants
Dislikes: Yomiuri Giants
Style:  Attacker
M4 Troy 4" Mod, Glock 18C

Chico hails from Northern California.  He is tall.  He is smart.  He can drink.  He works with lasers.  But, he is still a ginger.

Ryu "Gecko" K

Heavy Gunner

Rank:  Private First Class
Call Sign:  Lowfin
Place of Origin:  Tokyo, Japan
DOB:  10-23-89
Blood Type:  A
Likes: A-TACS,Classical Music
Dislikes:  Tubers, Knifers, and people who say "Noob"
Style:  Fighter
FN Scar Heavy, FN2000

Ryu "Ghost" K first came on the scene one pleasant Autumn day in the fall.  We all took notice of him as we thought "What great style this guys has!"  He took the inititive and asked us a very simple question.  "Do you guys ever say 'Noob'?"  We all agreed that none of us did, and from that day forward OD had a new fighter.  Ghost appears soft spoken to the casual observer but if you watch real close you might catch him yelling "medic!!!" at some unsuspecting passerby.


Andy "Chief" C


Rank:  Chief Warrant Officer
Call sign: Thresher 
Place of Origin:  East Coast
DOB: 4-12-79
Blood Type:  O-Neg
Likes:  Mid-Caps
Style: Attacker
AUG Steyr, M4 MOE CQB-R, MP5 SD, Glock CC Hera-Arms CQC, Hi-Capa4.3, M3

Chief was born in the Appalachian Mountain range in Western Massachusetts.  He grew up loving his G.I.Joe dolls and playing with his trusty Red Ryder.  As a boy, he found that he could take apart his toys and put them back together.  Joes were mixed with Cobras and quite soon, nobody knew who was on what team.  The Chief is gruff and speaks his mind, even when he shouldn't and searches out confrontation like a hillbilly to moonshine, which incidentally, also attracts him.

Kuman "Kumanju"


Main Team:  Kumans
Call Sign:   
Place of Origin:  Wakayama, Japan
DOB:  10-25-85
Blood Type:   B
Likes:   Talking and Eating
Dislikes:  Regret and Sad things
Style:    Scout
AK all the way!

Born in Wakayama, Kumanju came to Kyoto to kick ass and help move the game of airsoft to higher levels.  As an organizer of the sport, we all a great debt of thanks to Kumanju.  Kumanju is a master with the AK series of weapons and can tac-reload faster than a real Russian!

Ryu "Jungle Bunny" Y


Main Team:  N/A
Call Sign: Weasel
Place of Origin:  Ninja Mura
Blood Type:?
Style: Ninja
Bare Hands!

The most common question asked about JB is "Where the hell did he go?".  Jungle Bunny got his name one day when, during a skirmish, he suddenly disappeared.  He later re-appeared behind the enemy and helped us win the game, but, the question remains, "Where did he go".  JB was born somewhere in Hiroshima, Japan, but many modern scholars believe this to be false information.  Most speculate that he is the love child of a Ninja from Iga, and a Ninja from Koga.  This is the only way to adequately explain his Houdini-like prowess.

Cameron "Murdouch" McG


Main Team:  N/A
Call Sign:  Gulper
Place of Origin:  An Ice Cream Factory
DOB:  11-25-1975
Blood Type:  O-neg
Likes:  Motorcycles
Dislikes:  Rabbits
Style:  Trekker
Weapons:  His shiny bald spot.

Born in a remote ice cream factory somewhere deep in the Canadian wilderness, Murdouch spent his childhood dreaming of a day when he wouldn't be surrounded by the cold.  This day never came, and he joined our force with something to prove.  We still don't know what that is, nor do many of our members want to find out, but without Murdouch, we would have a hard time moving through deep jungle, as he really paves the way with that stocky body of his.

Elisa "Sarah C" G

Long Range

Main Team:  N/A
Call Sign:  Cookiecutter
Place of Origin:  Canadia
DOB:    4-27-83
Blood Type:  
Likes: To whistle
Dislikes: Anything lavander
Style: Patient
Handguns and hunting rifles!

Born to a rich landowner in Canada, Sarah C spent her youth hunting the elusive Great Canadian Canuck deep in the ice fields of Saskatchewan.  She learned about the hunt and the kill.  Later on in life she found herself attracted to the allure of Quebec, where she sang with the stars before returning to her calling.  Now, she spends most of her time preparing for the upcoming Apocalypse of man vs. machine.