Rules for Joining Games with Team OD

Hey there everyone.  If you are interested in joining a game that has been posted on the website, please do me the favor of going through official channels of registration.  I don't mind making reservations for the game and rent-a-car, but I do need to know how many people are coming at least a week in advance of the game date.  So..... please either send me a mail through the contact page of the site or directly to the Team OD email.

UKF@ Team OD/Kiyamachi 3/6

Hey there everyone.  Long time since I posted a game.  Sorry for being sloppy.  March 6th will be the last big team game with Andy before he goes back to America.  Let's show him a good time at Camp Ohara.  Send a mail if you want to know more!

Bravo Tango Delta Charlie  1/30

This is a tentative shout out for a game in Yamanashi at the CQB field AGITO.  This place looks AWESOME and I think we should start planning on a game there.  I will update this post soon letting everyone know more about the details. 

An Average Sunday?  1/9

No Change here Team. Camp Ohara, Sunday.  Coming?  Contact!

Where there is a will... 1/8

Possible cool game on the 8th of January.  It is at Camp Ohara and it is on a Saturday!  If they can get 10 or more people, they will have a Saturday game.  I like the sound of that!  Want to come?  Contact!

Oh my head... MEDIC!  12/?

Team OD doesn't just shoot guns.  We also know how to party.  Why not join us for our Bonenkai?  The date has yet to be announced but the venue will probably be at TGI.Friday at Sanjo-Kiyamachi.  It's going to be cheap and fun!

Last Man Standing 12/19

Hey Team.  This looks like it could be the last game at Camp Ohara for the year, unless we can convince them to let us play one of the student games but....
As always, the rules are: Meet at Shijo-Omiya around 7:30, Bring your own food and magazines, Be on time.  If you are interested in coming... Contact!

嵯峨野の嵯峨のさがノ(saganonosaganosagano) 12/12

Joining forces with some of the guys from 木屋町方面軍(Kiyamachihomengun) to take on some rebel forces in the Arashiyama area.  Watch out for Team OD at エピングフォレスト(Epping forest) (not affiliated with Epping Forest).  Want to join us?  Contact!

Dynamic Methods 1  12/11

Dynamic Methods are Team OD training sessions.  During these sessions we will practice team communication, movement, target acquisition, and have some small skirmishes.  These are not mandatory events, but active members SHOULD do everything in their power to attend.  These training sessions will be held at Team OD's secret training camp in Kameoka.

No Man Left Behind 11/28

Hello faithful followers of Team OD.  Guess where Chief, Doc, and Chico are going on the 28th of November?  You guessed right!  Camp Ohara is having another normal magazine game.  We leave Shijo-Omiya around 7:30am so if you are interested in joining.... Contact!

Semper Fi 11/7

Another day will be spent at Camp Ohara on Nov. 7th.  This weeks game will be great as there are no rain clouds on the horizon.  Chief, Doc, and Chico will be attending.  There are still two spots available in the car so book now and join in the fun!  Wanna come?  Contact!

Lock and Load  10/31

The next game will be held at Camp Ohara in Kyoto on October 31st.  Jim, Theodor, myself and some random guy are driving there.  If you want to come there is still space left in the car but act soon... spots are running out!  Wanna come?  Contact!

Happy Hour Halloween  10/30

October 30th, TGI Fridays, 4pm-8pm.  50% off menu drinks, rum and coke, gin and tonic, etc, 280yen  Wanna come?  Contact!

Shopping with the Team  10/29

Going to Osaka to buy stuff!  Camo and lasers and gun parts, oh my!  Wanna come?  Contact!