Yesterday was a great day for Team OD.  Team OD added another active service member.  He was a brilliant  soldier and helped the team throughout the day.  Welcome to the ranks Ghost!  The day started a bit rough.  Doc had been abducted by a beautiful half Korean, half Chinese Succubus the night before.  This left him in such bad shape that the only way to get him better for the days games was to hit him with a car.  Thanks Ken!  Truth be told, we did suffer from quite a few problems over the course of the day.  First, the little thing holding the inner barrel to the hop-up chamber disappeared!  Fortunately, on of the guys sitting nearby had an extra one.  Even after I replaced the part, the gun was still having some hop-up issues and this was a huge problem for Chico.  Chico, bring that beast of a CQB weapon into my workshop soon so we can get it back to its normal, bad ass self.  The day started slow for everyone, and kills only racked up in the ones and twos.  It was hard playing the offensive as Yellow Team were fairly terrific defenders.  It wasn't until game four that we were able to get a victory for ourselves.  The whole group rushed up to the newly built sandbag bunker and worked with Team Kiyamachi Homen to make a successful assault up the hill.  After this we took a break for lunch.  Lunch was fun!  Everyone seemed to be in a festive mood.  We all played around with tactical mag changes using AKs and M4s.  We didn't see much of Doc during lunch because the Succubus had her claws well into him and he spent lunch on the phone with her.  Girls are so gross!  We all played a few more games that were fairly uneventful.  It seemed like there were some Zombies floating around Camp Ohara yesterday and this really made Team OD cranky.  Seriously, if you get hit, call it!  It wasn't until the second to last game that we saw great victory as a team.  Ghost and I  convinced Chico to play one more game, and we guaranteed that HE would get the flag.  Seriously, we didn't think that was going to happen, but as fate had it, it did!  I screamed and yelled my way into the middle of the field drawing attention away from an assault group working its way along the edge.  This gave Ghost and Chico the freedom they needed to move up to the flag.  I was even able to catch up with the group and make it to the bottom for victory high fives!  Awesome.
Look for more stories and pictures from upcoming games here!  Thanks for reading.

Ohara 11/7

Today's game was super ninja.  Chief and Doc really had something to prove today and came out on top with over 40 kills between them (including 1 friendly!).  The weather was nice and warm, considering the time of year, and the Multi-Cam really worked wonders.  The first game out was incredible, with a win right off the bat!  Doc was able to capture the flag and take out a few hostiles while doing so.  the next game was tricky and Chief went out quick, only taking down 1.  Doc had a good game and survived but the match stilled ended in a draw.  The 3rd game out today was when the tide turned for TEAM OD.  Doc went out while providing cover but Chief took down 6 and captured the flag.  Wow.  Game 4 was another draw but we got mighty close...  Zannen.  We had a nice lunch break and helped pull one of the tents out of a gully, looked at pictures of guns and girls, and we all in all a bunch of hoodlums.  Game 5  was when the teams changed.  The field also became much larger, allowing for a slightly more tactical game play.  Doc and Chief were a bit flummoxed for the first in this larger field but were able to adapt well by game 6.  Game 6 was another flag taker for Chief.  Doc saved all our asses when he got a guy sneaking up from behind as we entered enemy territory.  Thanks Doc!  Chief scored 4 kills.  Game 7... What the heck was going on???  Chief got another 6 kill game after Doc had decided to take the easy way out by walking INTO  the enemies bullets.  Ouch Doc.  Game 8, the team witnessed some technical problems.  Poor Chief ran out of batteries and had to assault a bunker with nothing but a handgun... While he did get shot, he was still able to take someone out.  Thanks Chief.  Doc made it to the flag that game.  Yeah.  Game 9 was our last game.  Even after changing out batteries, Chief continued to have malfunctions.  WTF.  Doc, having not learned his lesson about walking into enemy bullets decided to follow up and try to do it with more pizzaz but alas, with the same effect.  Drats.  This allowed Chief to steal his dead comrade's weapon from his clenched hands.  Yeah.  Stealing from friends.  Another 4 kills for Chief.  Thanks dead guy.  Our team won the last game but we were too busy packing our bags to give a rats butt.  See you next time for more adventures of.....

wait for it

TEAM OD!!!!!